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Thread: Search function seems to be under used!

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    Unhappy Search function seems to be under used!

    I've noticed that recently there are unescessary posts requesting for information. A simple search would have found the requested information. Examples:

    Trance posted late last month looking for reviews on Cameron. There was already a review on her just posted the previous month!

    Rob Roy just request info on Brittany. She was also reviewed this summer.

    People, lets help Fred save some storage space. The search button is located in the top right hand corner, second button in. I hope this helps!

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    Your advice should be utilized by those of us who are somewhat technology deprived. It will most definitely assist me cause I'm blundering through the site still and was unaware of the search button. Hell, there's enough other dials to look at for me to keep this thing flying. Any other assistance would help our buddy Fred, I'm sure. (And me.)


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    Red face Searching

    I agree with PB - I see a lot of people asking for info on ladies that have already been reviewed. It's simple guys! Hit the search button on the top right of the main page. Type in the lady's name. Hit search. Low and behold, all posts with the lady's name will be listed. If you are a little more computer literate, you can do an advanced search, change the time frame so you only get recent reviews, etc.

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