On the way to Edmunchuck in the next few weeks and wondered if there is anything new and exciting at SC. I don't see a website on the other thread, so any tips?

Saw a girl there a couple of times over the last year. Don't remember her name but she looked a little like Jamie Lee Curtiss. This chick gave great massage, and was an excellent ride.

But she was beaten out by a German gal named Katrina. Tall, slim, great looks, attitude, and lay. Said everything was on the menu, but I was a little too limited on time (and endurance??) to find out.

Anyone know if they're still there? Got a web address?

I'd echo the thoughts of those who don't like the Edmonton escort scene. The agencies are a pain, to pricey and what's with the "transport fee"? Didn't think much of A.S. (flashy website), who showed up a second time under another name (that was more of a disappointment), although she was a good romp.

Got suggestions for indies who are quality looks and service for the money?