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Thread: Emma at Aristacrat

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    Emma at Aristacrat

    Went out for dinner friday night and decided I needed to get out of the cold for a bit and as the parking lot was full at supreme I thought I would swing by aristocrat. Hadn't been there for years but I am kind of an impulse shopper so WTH, was met at the top of the stairs by a little cuties named Emma and decided to stay.
    Opted for full service and was asked to pay the $$20 up front, no problem, had a shower and waited on the table for a few minutes, Emma shows up, gets naked and proceeds to give me a very nice very oily very firm massage, for a little girl she can use her hands well, plenty of strength.
    She rolls me over and starts to play with Mr.Happy mmmm life is good, she is standing there by my head with one foot up on the table rubbing oil on her pussy and really working herself over, this is all good as I like a show as much as the next guy. Naturally I reach over to give kitty a little pet and she jumps away and says no touching unless I wear a glove and comes back with a surgical glove. I guess I can understand the need for cleanliness but it was a little to weird for me.
    However the session moved on and I must say she gave me a nice ride and seemed to truly enjoy herself.
    I will try to rate her but bear in mind these thigs are pretty subjective and others may have a better experience, on thing to bear in mind is that I am just shy of 50 and while in pretty good shape I'm not the young stallion that I am sure some of you are.
    L: 8 sweet, petite great skin and tiny perky breasts with very responsive nipples
    A: 7 friendly but quiet and quite restrictive
    S: 6 Allin all pretty good as I did enjoy myself and have had much worse but could have been better for the price
    I guess for me it kind of again reafirms why I don't partake around here much anymore, used to be very active 10 years ago.
    I spend about 6 months a year travelling, primarily SE asia, South america and a lot of time in Mexico (not the tourist areas) and I guess I have become a bit to spoiled to throw a bunch of money away on ladies in Canada. I realize that things are different in canada and the states than a lot of the world and that it is impossible as well as unnecessay for the ladies to compete with other geographic locations. This being said it also encourages me to keep my wallet in my pocket when at home, believe me I am not slagging the talent here as there are some wonderful ladies around and I have several favorites.
    Also not slagging Emma as I did have a nice warm time and it all ended well!!

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    Thumbs up Thanks Mr. Wiggly

    Thanks for the TOFTT. I was planning on seeing Emma but now I think I'll pass.

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