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Thread: new James Bond movie

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    new James Bond movie

    Saw Casino Royale this weekend. It was fantastic. Have always been a fan of the James Bond franchise so maybe I am an easy critic, but I thought the new movie was great. Daniel Craig is a wicked James Bond.

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    i haven't seen it yet but i agree that daniel craig is a good actor. i saw him in layer cake. very cool film

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    much prefer the latest bond character with all his mistakes and character flaws. very much enjoyed the movie not just as another bond movie, but as a movie in tis own rights.

    and whats her name is sexiest bond girl yet.

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    He certainly is meaner, more ruthless, than all the previous James Bonds.
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    The jurrys still out on the foot chase at the beginning of the movie vs. a good ol car chase. The fight scenes are more brutal than most bond films. Whats her name was hot.

    Whats his nut Remmington Steel sucked ass as Bond.

    I know theres' others but my favs that come to mind are "for your eyes only"
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    Quote Originally Posted by stiffdeadman
    wasn't daniel craig the guy that tom hanks blew away in the bathtub in road to perditon?? looks familiar.
    Yep, he's the one. He played bad guy Connor Rooney in Road to Perdition.
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    It reminds me a lot of the old "Secret Agent" series. It was time for a Bond who can kick ass, and time to get rid of the stupid nonsense that cluttered up all the other movies. And best ending for a Bond movie too.
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    Casino Royale is great. Then again, though I have been a fan of the series the has not been too many good ones since For Your Eyes Only. The last couple realy sucked and not in a good way either.

    Daniel Craig is a really decent James Bond and as long as they stay the course and not through a hole heap of gadgets that always seem to save Bonds ass like in the previous movies, the series will continue for a long time to come.
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    I really enjoyed this movie's interpretation of bond (he was meaner, flawed, vulnerable, etc). I thought craig did a good job playing bond (fit the bill pretty good). The poker game outcome however was a bit too unrealistic for me and the movie was a bit too long (particularly during the end). I didn't feel that it ended on a high note. Nonetheless, this was a lot more watchable for me than some of the other recent bond movies.

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    What bond plays poker

    The poker game was one thing i just found unbelievable . all other bond movies ,, bond plays Baccarat.. But i never understoud that game ... we all know texas holdem...

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