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    Thumbs up [email protected]

    Just back from seeing Kendra, my 4th girl @ca and she is defiantly my favourite.
    Was supposed to see Danica but she was delayed at a stag party, saw a recent review on her and she sounded like the type of girl that could make my Saturday night complete.
    Lets get back to Kendra, slim teenage type body complete with small breast and perky nipples. Comparable to say Dana, one of my all time favourites.
    Started with some DFK just like she was your high school sweetheart. Don't know how I managed to keep that complimentary candy in my mouth with her tongue running in and out.
    Reached down and gently touched her pussy, felt a piercing, which picked my interest up a bit more. Love doing DATY with piercing around the pussy.
    She reached down and started rubbing my cock which was instantly rock hard, asked for a bj she quickly grabbed a cover and began.
    She was fresh out of the shower so I suggested 69, as I was looking foward to some fine DATY.
    She seamed to enjoy it and was doing a good job on me getting right down and licking the boys with her tongue.
    Next we switched to missionary, she wrapped her legs around me pulled her self up and down to give herself more of a pounding than what I was giving her.
    Finished with doggy than cuddled and kissed till the knock on the door.
    She is now on my favourite list and I will be back for more.

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    Nice one.....
    <a href="[email protected]/4653695861/" title="angry heart by at_haire, on Flickr"><img src="" width="240" height="240" alt="angry heart" /></a>

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    saw kendra last night.. she was fantastic.. the recommendation came from Lahra who is 100% at finding exactly what you need/want/desire... kendra will make many perberts happy in this town.. and Lahra you are the difference maker in this industry (keep answering when we call)

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    Thumbs up Wow!

    She's so nice and absolutely stunning. I don't usually do this; however, I'm saving my pennies so I can see her

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    At last....

    I was able to see the beautiful Kendra. I had her come to a Hotel as I am new to this and was too intimated to go to the agency. I just have to say that she is well worth every penny boys! And then some!!!

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    I'll chime in with another thumbs up here, although I can't add much more than that.

    Quite tall, slim, and awaaaayyyy we go. Twas a late night session at my abode. She arrived a little later than planned, bfd. The gear came off during a rather passionate round of tonsil inspections, which was a precursor to the usual round of this, that, and a little more of this.

    Nice gal, echo the thoughts about Lahra, and that's it.

    ROI? Good, probably very good if I hadn't been so tired.

    Repeat? I've never met an Angel who I wouldn't repeat with. The trend continues.

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    re: piercings!
    Someone was looking for clit piercings. FYI: Kendra has a very lovely addition to her already beutiful clit!

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