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Thread: OMG Savannah

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    OMG Savannah

    Oh My God, the things that Savannah did to me. I saw Savannah a while ago, but did not repeat, the session was excellent, but for some reason I never went back. When I went to TOFTT with Candy, I meet her with Savannah and all I could think about was Savannah. Guys if you haven't seen Savannah recently, she is hot, I mean really hot.

    I booked an appointment with her last night, and I can tell you she has topped any experience I have ever had, she was so into me, it felt that we were long lost lovers, she just did not stop. OMG she was fantastic, it was one of those times, if you have died right there, you would have known that life had been worth it just to experience that night.

    I booked an hour with her, I will not tell you how long I stayed because everyone will expect the same, but this Lady is not a clock watcher, in fact the amount of time I stayed, I was starting to wonder if she knew how to read the time ( just joking)

    This was the best $$ dollars I have ever spent, MSOG, MPOS, DATY, DFK ( this lady knows how to kiss) BJ, FS. And the best part she is smart and fun, she is an interesting Lady. In between rounds we were running around her place naked, having drinks, then she would ask if I was ready to start again.

    If anyone is lucky enought to settle her down and marry her, they better have a pace maker installed, this is one Lady you does not know the word quit.

    Thank-you Savannah, and I will see you next week

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    Can someone PM me contact info for Savannah?

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    PM me too please. It's time I went to see her again and her ad is down from EC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowser11
    PM me too please. It's time I went to see her again and her ad is down from EC.
    Just noticed her ad is down from, but her phone number is 298-0043

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    I just saw her also and I totally agree!

    She might be a little bit old but her body is smoking. Her outfits are hot especially her pink fishnet outfit.

    She is YMMV and might do even extra services for you if you know what I mean.

    100 is for 15 mins non gfe just a quicky and fs
    150 is for 30 mins non gfe
    200 is for 1 hour gfe

    YMMV isn't a price issue its totally up to her.

    L: 7.5
    A: 10

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