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Thread: Veronica Starr on CL 604-317-3439

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    Thumbs down Veronica Starr on CL 604-317-3439

    Saw this girl about a month ago. She took several hours to get ready and be ready. Wasted my time, and once she got my money, she gave a really bad attitude. Was not very happy at all. Ended up leaving because she got all mad. I swear, she was high on something, becuase after being in the bathroom for an hour or so, she came out all dazed. I should have left but thinking with the little guy. Don't see her. Waste of time and money Veronica Starr on CL 604-317-3439

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    that`s because she changed her name to veronica star!!!! she`s changed her name like a million times because of her shitty service! did her ass smell too???

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