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    Well after looking at her web site for months wondering if a trip to Vancity was really in the cards for me, surprise she shows up on fantasy island. So I of course take the opportunity to see the visiting Vancity star.
    She is at a high profile hotel in downtown for incalls for the eve and after getting off work early to shower and shave etc. I head downtown with alot of anticipation. I call 15 min early to get room number and head in to meat her.

    Looks: She meets me at door with denim dress and high black leather lace up boots with high heels. Shoulder length hair, soft and pleasant smelling. She really looks alot like her pics on the web site. And her eyes are so easy to loose yourself in. Better ass than pics.

    Attitude: Super freindly and bubbly, very interested in keeping the mood light and fun. Wanted to keep conversation flowing while we enjoyed. Didn't feel like a trick at all. Made me feel special.

    Service: Well we started with massages, first me then her. Good at that very strong hands and with her sitting on my back end with no panties on mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Switch, I rubbed her down while the whole time marveling at her ass, damn she is tight. We then cuddle and she introduces me to the girls and "Sasha". Well being a gentleman I go down and say hello to all three, Sasha is very nicely trimmed and very responsive. I asked about didgets as her restrictions are on her site but don't mention that, she was cool with that, ymmv, and I proceeded with the tounge lashing of the clit while doing the come here didget play for the g spot. Went on for some time until she stopped me.......almost squirted, but not fully relaxed. It is our first time together. I then lay back and she gives me a good cbj, very hot with the eye contact and little noises. She also did this thing with her hot breath before putting on the raincoat that was very pun intended, almost felt like bbbj. After cbj she gets into cg and rides me with gusto, all the right moves and noises. No wonder she is so popular on the mainland. We flip into mish and go for awhile like that until I just can't hold on anymore and wow............I layed with her for awhile chatting and then headed home to put this up.

    Repeat: For sure if she is here more often................alot of fun.
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    thanks baby

    ahhhaa I know what ur handle is now glad to hear that you had a great time.. as I did as well.. and would love to spend more time with you in the future!!! hot breaths.. and warm kisses ... tianna.. oh I almost forgot.. your sliky smooth head was my favorite part of you, I can't resist as man with skin as soft, and smooth as my own! I could snuggle all night
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    Thanks 4 the revue.
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    glad to be home!!

    and it took a while for me to get here two planes... got to love that snow!!! just wanted to give a thanks to all the great people that I met.. it made the time I had there quite pleasant... and I will cumm back .. how could I not!! sweet kisses to all.. goodnight
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