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    For gawd's sake, why do some people have to bathe in perfume or after shave? I was in a store and the owner reeked so much of perfume I was starting to get a headache. She trailed this malodorous fog of jasmine behind her like a perfumed blanket of mustard gas. Doesn't "moderation" ever cross their mind?After I left the store I could smell it for hours. I even dilute my after shave with rubbing alcohol and it's already a mild brand.
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    I have the same pet peeve

    I once spent a weekend with a gal I had only recently met and I hadnt noticed that she drenched herself in perfume.

    It was bad enough that she slopped on the perfume every morning after showering but she brought the fucking shit with her in her handbag and kept refreshing it with new layers throughout the day, the final straw was her spraying on another half bottle right before climbing into the sack each night, I was literally gasping for air and wound up with a splitting headache.

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    I to agree with this same pet peeve. Any female that wears perfume should only need to spray themselves once to twice a day. And for the one's that feel they need more throughout the day should be wearing a perfumed oil, so you don't need to keep re-applying. Of course this will not be for every woman as you can't find some spray perfumes in the oil forms but just my opinion on the subject. That is all I wear are the oils and never have to re-apply again after one application.

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