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    STD Joke

    The above thread reminded me of a joke a heard a few days ago.

    A middle aged white guy (Bob) goes on a whirlwind Asian pooning adventure. He comes back and notices a slightly itchy red rash on his cock.
    He runs to the STD clinic. They have no idea what it is as it doesn’t look like anything they have seen before. They send him for more tests and give him an emergency referral to a specialist.
    By the time he gets to the specialist the rash is now REALLY red and really itchy and burns like bitch when he takes a piss. The specialist looks him over, goes over the results, scratches his head cause he’s never seen it before either, pulls out a book on rare diseases and goes a ghostly white. He looks up and says “Bob, I’m sorry to tell you this but you have a case of ***********. It’s a very rare and very dangerous STD found exclusively in Asia. According to this book the only option is to amputate your penis. I want to send you for a 2nd opinion though.”
    By the time Bob goes for the 2nd opinion the rash is now purple and he’s pissing green goo. The 2nd opinion is the same: amputation of the penis. But the Dr goes on to suggest that Bob consult a Dr who specializes in Chinese herbal medicine because perhaps they would know of some little known treatment options.
    By the time Bob goes to see Dr. Wang (who speaks very little English) his cock is turning black and he’s pissing blood. He drops trow and Dr Wang looks and shakes his head muttering “***********.”
    “That’s what the other Dr’s said I had! But they had to look it up! You know what it is! You must know how to treat it! They said that my only option was to amputate it!”
    Dr Wang says “Stupid western Doctors. Always cutting cutting. Always surgery. More money. You wait 2 weeks. It fall off!”

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    My worst fear!

    i all ways joke about it falling off ... but joke aside .. it just could happen in one way or the other ... Of course i am not sure what would be droping off of what me or the dick.

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    The old Mongolian syphilis joke!

    It's amazing how some jokes recirculate forever!

    I first heard that joke over 40 years ago. A few years later, the guest of honour at a retirement dinner told it, and he later told me he had heard it around 40 years previously. That makes it at least 70 years old. It's still a good one, though!

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