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Thread: WOWSER: Mischa-Ashlee Party ...

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    Thumbs up WOWSER: Mischa-Ashlee Party ...

    and an Oiler win over Calgary on the same night. Xmas definitely came early.

    Many lucky PERBerts have already sampled these two Vixens 1ON1 or 2ON1. Tonight I sampled their 2ON2 capabilities and I must admit it was exhiliarating.


    1. Imagine f..king Ashlee as your Buddy is getting a BJ from Mischa three feet away.

    2. Fantasize Ashlee giving you a BJ that makes yours eyes water as Mischa is riding her partner while he stands at attention.

    3. Too exhausted to move we crumbled next to our Partners and the Girls necked while we pumped, moaned, sweated, enjoyed, ranted and came.

    This was one for the senses and will leave deep "scars" for many years to come .

    Price: Normal one hour fee for each Girl and the room cost. IMHO well worth it.

    Repeat: YESSER

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    You are the Man! I was happy just because Edm beat Cgy. But what a better way to go. Good stuff.
    Now when I check the Oilers schedule on the Web, I'll be looking for "Trawler events" in brackets beside the TV announcment.


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    quick question... how do i become one of your friends? lol :P

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    anyone ever see a independent in Edmonton called Heather

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