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Thread: Health nurse service evaluation

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    Health nurse service evaluation

    Hi all

    We have been offering sexual health information on PERB for the past 10 months via threads on the health information forum and private messages.

    We would like to get your feedback on our PERB information services. We have developed an online questionnaire and would appreciate it if you would be willing to complete this survey. We are hoping that the information we get will help us improve our service.

    All questions are optional. Information is collected anonymously and your confidentiality is assured.

    To do the survey just click on the link below:

    If you have any questions send me a PM or reply to this thread.

    Thank you


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    took the survey and thank you for providing the wonderful insight on PERB

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    Hope you get lots of positive feedback. I think you're great.
    Here's looking at YOU, kid.

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    I have learned alot, and have had my eyes opened on more then one ocassion. Thanks for all of your hard work

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    I hope everyone fills it out so the nurse has evidence that this is an important and valuable service! (if you agree that it is). I work in the non-profit sector, where these survey things can make or break your ability to get funds to keep a program going. Thanks, Nurse for everything you've done so far.

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    Because it's already on page 3. C'mon guys and gals, take two minutes out of your life and do the survey.

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    Took the survey and thank you for your contribution to the board HN!

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    Thank you for always being here to provide accurate information and clear up all of our misconceptions. It is nice to have a non-judgemental and relatively anonymous forum for our health related questions.
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    right behind you!

    Thumbs up

    Yes, thank-you!

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    Took it and thanx
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    Thanks for all the kind words.

    We will be leaving the survey up for the next couple of weeks if there is anyone else who would like to complete it.


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    Keep up the good work Health Nurse.
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    Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey.

    We have had 102 people who have completed it and we will be leaving it up for a few more weeks.

    Have a happy new year.


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    Have done the survey. Thank you for a valuable service to this community.
    Please note the absence of any personal attacks, jerkhoodness or other bannable offences in the above content.
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