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Thread: Planning the New Year

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    Planning the New Year

    I decided I would start my "Top 10 To Do" list for 2007.

    This list is for first time items I hope to complete next year.

    Here goes:

    1. First Duo
    2. First Greek
    3. First time with Gabrielle - Supreme
    4. First Time with Nikita - MMC
    5. First SP in Winnipeg
    6. First SP Regina
    7. First New SP in Calgary
    8. First Time with Charmaine - at her new MP
    9. First Major Body Slide
    10. First Tantric Massage

    Now if I can fit that into all the regular sessions I cannot avoid, I'll be one happy individual.

    40 days till New Year, can't wait to get started!


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    Why are you waiting for the new year?

    You should be able to get that all done in the next forty days .
    Do some in Win. some in Reg. and some in Cal.

    THere all done .. and know regrets for the new year.. and looking foreward to doing it all again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guardian Angel
    4. First Time with Nikita - MMC
    I had the pleasure to meet Nikita once at the Cecil and she was definitely some kind of eye candy.

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    No real plans for 2007, although I can guran-damn-tee ya that mother nature plans to make me another year older.
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