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Thread: Fun in Nanaimo

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    Fun in Nanaimo

    Okay, it's not Vancouver but this girl is worth a trip to the island.
    The ferries weren't running due to last weeks big storm and I found myself in Nanaimo with time to kill and decided to try one of the three Thai massage places. I called all three and asked if they gave massage with happy ending, one said yes, one said no and one said to discuss with the attendant. Getting directions on cell phone while driving, I couldn't remember the addresses or which place offered the service I was looking for, but I did recall that two of them closed at 5:00 and it was now past 4:30 so I ended up going into Island Bodyworks, the first place that I was able to find.

    The place was on the 5th floor of an office building and as soon as I walked in I figured I had picked the wrong place and was opening the door to leave when the middle aged receptionist appeared (in a blue lab coat) and asked if I was the person who had just called.

    I started to make an excuse to leave when a girl in her early 30's dressed in short shorts and a tight T-shirt that displayed her full breasts and erect nipples appeared from one of the massage rooms.

    She led me to the room which contained a mattress on the floor and mirrors on two of the walls, level with the mattress and told me to undress. She then left the room. I lay on the mattress and eagerly waited her return.

    A few minutes later, a soft knock and warm hands touch my legs. I turn over and - suprise, its blue smock lady!

    I ask where the other girl is and BSL says she has another customer but Bea will be in to see me as soon as she is free, in the meantime BSL will give me a massage. Resigning myself to fate, I relax and start to enjoy a pretty decent massage. Ten minutes later BSL excuses herself and leaves the room.

    A few minutes later, another knock and a girl in a white lab coat enters. Shit! Now I am sure I picked the wrong place, but before the thought is finished she removes the smock to reveal a gorgeous young body dressed in green satin lingerie. She kneels between my legs and right away starts massaging the butt and stroking the boys. Mr. Happy springs to immediate attention, and without further ado I roll over and slide my hand up her tight little body. Off comes the lingerie and she asks what I want. I'm thinking "whatever my last $100 will buy" but asked for a BJ follwed by a HJ. The next 1.2 hours were the best time I have ever spent with a SP, not just the sex which was fantastic and ended up being FS, but because she has a great personality and was really fun to be with. Finished with a dual shower, more hugging and a light squeeze of the balls. I left with a smile on my face and looking forward to my next trip to Nanaimo.

    Her name is Bea and she has just moved to Nanaimo from Toronto. Total including room was $140 .

    Looks: 9
    Personality: 9
    Room Ambience: 8
    Service: 9

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    I dropped in there earlier, only saw a mid 30s asian girl, little heavier and not what I was expecting this "Bea" to look like. Did I see the wrong girl? Her english was pretty hard to understand as well.

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    Well, where to begin. I am fairly new to these pages but have done some serious reading over the past few months. I have been into rubbin and tuggin for a while now and a few FS sessions. Cannot remember the name but my first few visits were at a location behind the 7-11 on the old highway (Will never forget Brittany. Was a regular customer of the DELTA when it was running. Saw some great and not so great girls there. Since they closed I have been to a few different locations. Some good and some bad. I like Jessica at Cozy Spot - great massage - little older (late 30's), nice tits - no FS or bj - allowed major touching, digits even anal digits (favour mildly returned) - little pricey though just under $$ for an hour. Tried the daytona (original location) saw brittany (different one - much larger rack) and another whose name escapes me - was only interested in R&T so not much more info there. reasonable rates .5 for the room and .4 for tug and another .2 for topless. Tried a "gentlemans club" in south nanaimo and saw a great little blonde there. Well little in stature, large c cups, big booty but always a great session. FS, CBJ, no digits, covered DATY - little interesting, MSOG, decent massage especially the feet. $.5 for the hour then went up to $.8. It was at this point that I needed to search for something different and cheaper as my wallet was quickly shrinking. Decided to try Island Reflexology (same place as mentioned above (Thai place)- only it is on the 3rd floor i believe as building only has 4 floors??) Was unsure but figured I would try it anyway - BSL was at the counter - was the only one available so WTF - .4 for the room. Undress, laydown and she returns in a great piece of lingerie. Begins a great massage with some teasing so I ask about extras. .6 - naked with HJ, .8 - naked with BJ and $ for FS. I told her that i was interested in MSOG - no problem. As this was the first time i opted for .6 and had a great session. Details - older lady - 40ish, nice enhanced set, trimmed or shaven depending on the day - fantastic service overall - Madonna was her name. Next visit I tried the other girl (name??? starts with and N I think) - not as enthusiastic, little younger, enhanced pleasant experience though - have repeated with her as madonna was unavailable. I have since returned on many occasions and each time Madonna is more fun to be with and the boundaries become less and less - I guess you would call that YMMV. 1 hour $.4 (room .4 and service level $).

    Well, not sure how this will rate as a first review posting but WTF. Have not been to see Bea at the Thai place yet as I am coming to vancouver for a conference and am trying to hook up with Tianna. According to the reviews it should be worth the wait.

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    taz, your reviews are worth its own thread that's for sure. good job there IMO.
    try some paragraph breaks though. tough to read IMO.

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    Technically, these reviews shouldn't be in the Vancouver massage section, but I'm glad that they are, otherwise I never would have seen them.
    Good work, guys.

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