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    Thumbs up Jamie Lane

    An enjoyable visit with Jamie Lane today no doubt about it this girl is oraly talented and give a great massage. I'm sure Jamie and Ashley are going to take Vancouver by storm on there road trip.

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    I read a review where Ashley and Jaimie in tandem melted a man from the inside out. That is SOOOOOo on my to do list before I die. To what god must i pray to to make this happen?

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    The deity of Buxsom Blondes should do the trick.

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    I'm a Calgary guy who hooked up with Ashley in Vic a couple of months ago and see her when she comes to Calgary. A great bundle of sexual energy, fun time always had by all. Never done the duo thing but may have to experiment with these 2 at some point. Always seem to get great reviews for the twosome Jack Nicholson says, maybe "I can't handle the "twoth"....(it's bad, I know)

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