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    Fox Den

    Anyone been to the Fox Den? Is their posted rate GFE, or is that extra?

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    i just wanna
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    its suppose to be incl... but beware, just because a girl is listed as such doesnt mean thats the service she provides. so far, not including repeat, i am 2/6.

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    It all depend on the girls if they offer gfe.
    It's not extra for GFE at the Den if nothing changed the past two months.
    It's very nice therE!

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    Been there 8 times. Look at the website. It tells you who is gfe. The price is the same.

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    I have found there that 1) if you hit it off with the lady you will be fine or 2) ask for requested services up front.

    My score there has been about 50% but I didn't ask each time.

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