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    Rev: Oshean

    Saw Oshean on Sunday night as I was passing through Winnipeg. She was great to accomodate me and meet me in her downtown apartment. When I saw her pics and videos, I just couldn't resist. When I met her face to face, I was a bit disappointed. She still has a great body, and is very energetic and playful. The sex was okay, but she was alot older than I had expected. Like Avery says in another post, her ads state that she is 31, but I'd guess closer to mid-late 40's, if not early 50's. Just my guess, and I could be wrong, but I'm in my late 40's and I'm kind of used to judging the ages of those who are about the same age as me. I'll probably get flamed for this ;-) but I just was disappointed that reality didn't match the pics. I was so disappointed that when I was done with my first shot, I just got up and left.

    It may have been worth it though to get the pirate thing. So, this is just my opinion, which I think reasonable guys who are trying to make a Winnipeg decision may find helpful. I realize that others may disagree. Personally, I wouldn't repeat.

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    I think we can agree that Oshean is over 40. How much she's over 40 is debateable.

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    holy batman over 50?????

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    I don't think I want to put my bat in her batcave!

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    Same experience. I too was surprised at the face to face meeting with Oshean compared to her photos. I think her service level is still there but anyone visiting her should be aware she looks older in person.

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    I have a buddy who went to the same school as Oshean. She was a grade behind him. He is 44 years old. You do the math!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cream
    I have a buddy who went to the same school as Oshean. She was a grade behind him. He is 44 years old. You do the math!

    Depends whether or not some one failed a grade.

    I'd say mid 40's would suit Oshean more accurately. BTW, was your buddy one of the guys she say she was always fucking after school?

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    First met her at Science on Ellice. Remember the 'massage' place that was in the same building as a daycare? She said she was 22-24 then. How many years ago was Science closed? 20? The other ladies there hated her and when she moved on to 222 the ladies there hated her too. Jealous? maybe, but she was very aggressive about having clients notice her and it drove the ladies crazy when she argued that her breasts were natural!! It was not until she went private that Long John Silver made an appearance.

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    She was at Nevada as well, I think after 222. I know the girls
    there couldn't stand her either. Is she still trying to convince people
    that those are natural breasts? She is a fun session if you like the
    PSE agressive experience.

    Big k

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