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Thread: London UK sex parties?

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    London UK sex parties?

    Hello all,

    I will be travelling to London soon and have saved up for some action there. I've found the punternet ( resource to be helpful, and am intrigued by what are called "parties" that seem to take place regularly (see or , for examples). These appear to feature several guys and multiple SPs, unlimited MSOG, etc for pretty reasonable prices.

    Do any of you have any experience with these? Maybe some hygiene issues, but still sounds like a lot of fun.


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    New Intel?

    I am going also to UK, any new intel of such parties by anybody?

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    UK Parties

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    and further.....

    ....but this is somewhat unreliable having never been a cool club.....I just know? that europeans seem to just say "fuck it" better than we do.


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    UK parties revisited

    Well, with no immediate replies to my initial query, I assumed the thread was dead. Imagine my surprise when almost a year later I check an old post and discover some replies and requests for intel. So, a much delayed review of my experience with Sacred Rose Parties in central London (easily found on Google).

    The party was in a basement flat within easy walking distance of a tube station. Was greeted warmly at the door, given an envelope for my valuables which was put in a locked closet, and introduced to some of the girls, one of which promptly took off my clothes to get me started. All guys are given sarongs to wear between bouts.

    There were four ladies and about eight guys (young/old, fit/not), and no shyness/awkwardness was evident. Though several of the ladies were not what I would call top-notch, there were two real gems and all were eager to please. Note that, at least at the party I went to, BBBJs were standard practice, though no one complained when I asked for a coverup during oral.

    Beer and wine were provided, though it's only good manners to bring something for the group too, right? Smoking also permitted indoors, though not in the fun rooms. There was even a large framed photo from Banff to make us Canadians feel at home. There were two bathrooms with showers for between-bout cleanup.

    There's not much sense going into specific details because from what I saw/experienced, everything was on the menu (didn't ask about greek, nor did I see any going on). You basically do as much as you can, with whoever fits your fancy, in the two or three hours of your stay. I enjoyed a few one-on-one sessions, some hot time with two ladies, and joined forces with a fellow pooner on one particularly attentive woman. Needless to say, even just hanging out an watching is not a bad way to spend an evening in a strange city. Prices are VERY competitive - see the website.

    I will definitely repeat next time in the UK. Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions.

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