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Thread: Microsoft now offers Firefox

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    Microsoft now offers Firefox

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    Quote Originally Posted by shapeshifter
    Almost though it was serious.

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    And so did Grav!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bartendr
    And so did Grav!
    ya, they got me.....even downloaded IE 7.0 (again) from their links page

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    makes me think what kind of cookies and spyware crap is linked to that page as it looks so official.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bartendr
    makes me think what kind of cookies and spyware crap is linked to that page as it looks so official.
    Actually it got me too

    A friend sent me an email saying MS now has firefox and the link, I went there and thought it was legit..... didnt notice for a few minutes that it was a joke.

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    Microsoft Firefox provides improved navigation through tabbed browsing, web search right from the toolbar, advanced marginal manipulation, reading & subscription to RSS (Real Simple Sex), and much more.

    I started getting suspicious from this paragraph...

    What is it?
    The AKobe Phlash multimedia plugin for Microsoft Firefox offers great new ways to view, play and interact with pictures, music, video, games and more. See it, play it and then see it again. Viewing customized and dynamic web applications has never been easier! The plug-in integrates perfectly with Microsoft Firefox and comes pre-installed with each new installation.

    More so after this one...

    I think that this was the closer that it was a spoof!

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    I figured it out once I saw this in the contact us page (LMAO):

    The only reason why anyone would want contact our headquarters would be to:

    1. File a Civil Antitrust Complaint against us
    2. Complain about Microsoft Windows / Microsoft Firefox
    3. Suing us for indemnity
    4. etc.

    Thus, all correspondence are to be be directed to our lawyers.

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    Well, is not Microsoft IE 7 a bit (actually way more than a bit) of a ripoff of Firefox? Is that perhaps what our friend shape-shifter was expressing? One thing I do like is the tabbing which is easier than that of Firefox, and I find the new toolbar design to be more pleasing. Not that I am a fan of Microsoft, for I am certainly not (for many years). I had been using Firefox almost since it came out of the gate, but now I find myself drawn to IE7 (damn it!).

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    I tried IE7 and it caused a lot of instability on my machine. I ended up uninstalling it and going back to IE6. I suggest waiting a while before adopting IE&.
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    WTF!!! is it suposed to be?? I only looked at it for about 2 seconds. Doesn't look like an official MS site to me. Billy boy would not have his mug on a MS site.

    I'm already running FF 2.0 I can't run IE 7 since I'm running a free copy of windows.
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