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Thread: Samantha in Maple Ridge

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    Samantha in Maple Ridge

    Saw her a bunch of times and she moved to a different unit in her building. She got rid of her old number 4637189 and was going with the cell only

    and i lost the number

    Anyone have it

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    She is now just using her cell, 314-9799

    Apartment now downstairs to 208

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    thanks Marsh

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    Any pics available anywhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayoflight
    thanks Marsh
    rayoflight, did you manage to contact her and also are there any pictures of samantha any where ? thanks.

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    is samantha the very big half black half white girl that posted on cl a while back?she went by tianna.

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    You got the very big part right!

    Quote Originally Posted by judas
    is samantha the very big half black half white girl that posted on cl a while back?she went by tianna.
    This ad?

    I am looking for a generous gentleman for regular discreet encounters. I am not concerned with age, but I do require that you be intelligent. I am outgoing and erotic, and very open minded.
    I am half black/italian, busty, small waist, round firm booty. 25yr old, dark curly hair, and dark eyes. i am a 36DD-27-32.

    Fake photo or taken when she was 18. More like 38DD-32-42

    I was not impresssed and told her sorry and walked when she opened the exit door at the side of her building. The "small waist" part was a joke.
    Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

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    Yea thats the same girl.Ive seen her twice now but its me the one doin the rushing cause her fuckin cat!!!i gota get," in and get out" so to speak, as quickly as possible due to allergic reactions caused by the cat.i enjoy pounding her from behind and just feeling those big tities of hers,she ain't a stunner by any stretch of the imagination but every once in a while a man needs a-lot to hold on to and she got a huge round booty like the ones you see in the rap videos, minus the rest of flip her around and ho, ho, ho doggie all the way.not bad for 120$might take a little convincing but she will go for it!!!why should i be the only one paying this?cause I'm special???sure.Ive saved a-lot of $$$$by researching on perb,so most of us are entitled to the same.peace,and happy pooning ventures!!!

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    This is not the Sam that i know in MR

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