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Thread: Elephants raping and killing rhinos? WTF?

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    Elephants raping and killing rhinos? WTF?

    It's a long, but fascinating article, so I didn't copy the text here. How ironic that, as we destroy the elephants' habitat and social structure, their aberrant behaviour may be providing us with insights into our own behaviour.

    I find it particularly distressing that elephants are raping and killing rhinos. Just when Viagra and similar drugs were helping to curb the Asian practice of using powdered rhino horn as an alleged cure for ED, elephants are now replacing humans in ensuring that these magnificent creatures (rhinos) remain on the endangered species list.

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    ugly world we've created.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LonelyGhost
    ugly world we've created.
    LG, didn't know you had a god complex?

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