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Thread: Nikki from Dynasty

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    Nikki from Dynasty

    Hi Guys. The last time I saw Nikki she gave me a phone number on a piece of paper and kept saying "Day off, call me"

    I had no idea what she meant. I guess she was saying. "I am starting my own indy, call me at this number."

    Anyhoo. I lost the number . Could someone please tell me how to get a hold of her.

    It is very important because, as she tells me, I am her number one guy .

    Thanks in advance.


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    But she told me I was her number one guy

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    She told me that months ago.

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    No, you are all wrong.

    I am the lumber wan gai, since I am the original asian lover and speaks her dialect of English.

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    Hi guys, Niki's here !
    Yeah I've moved out from Dynasty & run my own biz. For further info pls PM me & I'll get back to you soonest possible.

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