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    Thumbs up CB's Shannon

    I see lots of guys from Winnipeg have been asking about Shannon. Since I'm always rambling about Shannon and never really done a proper review, Here you go.

    Today was the fourth time seeing Shannon in Calgary and she has provided the same spectacular service every time.

    Looks - I'm not one who usually likes the enhanced breast but Shannon carries them very well and I think they look very good on her. She is a very pretty and sexy blond. I think I could look in her eyes for days.

    Attitude - One of the friendliest SP's I have met. Very talkative and has a good sense of humour. Speaks English well enough but sometimes has trouble expressing herself in English. She is very accommodating and I have never heard a complaint in the time I have spent with her.

    Service - Shannon is wild in the sack. I have not looked yet but I may still have her nails in my back. Lots of DFK before, during and after. She is very good at giving a bbbj. I think she enjoys daty. She has this way of making sure your are in the exact position to give her pleasure to her screaming O. Multiple positions and she looks good in all of them, they are all preformed with great enthusiasm. It seems like she enjoys herself and make sure that you are also enjoying yourself. Dirty talk in French. What else could you ask for.

    I think I have said before that Shannon has fast became my ATF SP. Now the bad news. This maybe Shannon's last tour . She says she is going back to school in January. She did say she may try to come back next month or maybe for spring break. I hope this was not the last time I see her because it will be hard to replace Shannon. So take my advice and see Shannon while you can.

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    Thumbs up Shannon

    Moose your review is bang on . Guys do yourselves a favour and see Shannon . You won't regret it .

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    Thanks, fellows, for the input and guidance. I'm in to see Shannon later this week and looking forward to it. If anyone else from Calgary wants to wade in on the subject of Shannon, your comments would be most welcome.

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    Shannon, the gold standard

    I've seen Shannon three times, and she is the very best. How hot is she? I'm seeing her for two hours today and for one hour Wednesday......that's how hot. See her.

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    Talking Openning for Shannon Today

    Hey Guys

    There's an openning for Shannon Today Nov. 20th at 6:00pm to book an appointment please click on the link below:

    Thank you

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    I just got back from my first experience with Shannon and other girls just don't compare. My only mistake was waiting so long to see her, I tried last time she was her but she was already booked. I have only been doing this for about a year and she is by far my ATF.

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    Smile Shannon

    Guys, let C B know we want Shannon to come back next month .If there is enough interest she will be back before Christmas . Saw Shannon last night but i want more ...

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    OK, after the not-so-good experience with another C-B girl a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of cancelling my appointment with Shannon. But the little guy says go for it, and there I was, giving C-B another try.

    Man, I tell you, my little guy is right (finally for once!) Anyway, went to see Shannon earlier today. She is totally awesome!

    As described by Moose, she is very friendly. We spent the first 10 min or so chatting, and I got to know her life story! And she makes me really comfortable throughout. I really enjoyed the GFE provided (unlike other SP's who go for the strip, s*ck, f*ck routine)...

    I am going to give a scorecard again (and excuse my for my botched review last time...)

    L: 9 - really hot. I like big boobs, and she got it!. I like meaty ass, she got it too!
    A: 10 - really great! Looks like she really enjoy BBBJ and LFK. Really fun girl...
    S: 10 - great again! She unexpectedly gave me BLS and CIM, super!!

    Yeah, she is mentioning that it will be a while before she comes back (if the trip in a couple of weeks doesn't materialize) due to school, I will definitely repeat with her again!

    I guess the service issue is SP-specific, and I guess also YMMV, for C-B or for other agencies. I will really recommand Shannon for everyone (as long as I get my timeslot!)

    P.S. One more thing, during my session, there are people walking around the hallway outside, chatting really loud. And there are drilling and powertool sounds a few times. Kind of distracting, I guess we can't control that. But anyways, everything is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dardevil
    Guys, let C B know we want Shannon to come back next month .If there is enough interest she will be back before Christmas . Saw Shannon last night but i want more ...
    All I want for X-mas is another Shannon visit. Hope C-B makes it happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose
    All I want for X-mas is another Shannon visit. Hope C-B makes it happen
    Yes, I shall cut my X-mas shopping budget to see Shannon again

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    Sent email prior to visit and no replies at all.

    I guess she didn't want my business.

    If she was booked solid it would have been nice to have a response of some sort.

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    If you fill out the booking form you can usually tell if there is a opening .

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    Yes. Filled it out way ahead of time. No response at all.

    Maybe next time.

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