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Thread: Rocky Balboa trailer

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    Rocky Balboa trailer

    Message to Sly Stallone: For the love of god hang up your gloves and FUCK OFF!

    The trailer for the new Rocky is pathetic, the fucking dood is so old it's laughable!


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    Oh brother
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    I must confess I pretty much lost interest in the Rocky franchise after "Rocky 473".

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    haha, i loved thunderlips, the molten mountain of lust. yeah the movie looks laughable for sure. sad thing is that i will probibly watch it. not in theatre though. fuck man something about hearing that music just makes me want to go back to the gym again.

    say what you will, but the first movie was fucking great. it was good up til 3 then it just started getting out of hand, especially 5. fuck that movie sucked. funny thing is though that based on that trailer alone, i think that 6 looks better then what 5 was.

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    The original Rocky appealed to the ordinary guy who wanted to make something of himself. He got an average looking girl to root for him, and through an ordinary tough guy profession, became a winner. Not only that, he wasn't too bright either, so the audience it was appealing to wouldn't be turned off by his intellect.

    Now Stallone wants to appeal to old farts who, based on their past and long forgotten glory, want to recapture their youth and beat some young guy. The segment of the population this is going to appeal to is smaller yet. How desperate can this idiot be? Can't he think of something original and make a different movie instead?

    And in ironies of ironies, seemingly unaware of the image he wants to avoid but can't help portraying, by making this movie he is really telling everyone he's a has-been.
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