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Thread: Oriental Pinky & Niki

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    Oriental Pinky & Niki

    There are 2 separate ads in GS.One has a pic of Oriental Pinky with nice rack.I phoned&she said it's a true pic(which means zilch)and FS is a brown.
    I did a search&found nada.Before I TOFTT I thought I'd ask if anyone has seen her?

    Also, Niki&Yumi at Oak&22.I think Niki may be Vivi who has been at a few diff. locations.If so, she has great all-star natural DD cannons but is a bit chubby and not exactly an oil painting.
    I did a search but the Niki I read about was Oak&49.Again, before I see her I'll ask for info.

    Finally,and I feel stupid asking,but what does w4m stand for?

    thx for any help

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    w4m= women for men

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    fatboy, do a search for my review on chinese pinky..oh about a month or so ago

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    Thx Jimbo.I guess my search wasn't extensive enough.
    Thx as well to Calgary for the w4m explanation.I slapped my forehead after reading that one!

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