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Thread: GSP KO's Matt Hughes

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    Problem solved, you could pay for it and see it live instead of stealing it off the net....

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    I don't think much of UFC's light heavyweight division either, not enough talented fighters in either division to make it exciting to watch.

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    and thats no lie

    Fedor would make Sylvia his bitch.

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    So glad Matt Huges got knocked out!!!!

    I was screaming for GSP to win through out the whole damn fight!

    And Tim Silvia is a dumb log that needs to be put through the shredder!
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    i used to watch the old UFC with the likes of tank abbot,the good shamrock,gracie and what not. those were the good days when you would see battles between different kinds of fighters. nowadays the UFC as become almost as boring as boxing as. to many old fighters hanging on well past their prime, for example holyfield-why is this guy still fighting a punch of no name guys. its just stupid
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    Never would have guessed someone would have made hughes look like a chump, but my God, GSP made him look like an amateur. He is one hell of a fighter.

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    The leg sweep was pretty good as well.

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    GSP looked like the martial artist he is. Hughes looked like the some one out of his element, which he was. Just beautiful. I'd love to spar with GSP, Yes he would kick my ass into next week but it would be worth it!

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    wwe and pride

    Rumor has it the WWE is gonna buy out PRIDE if they haven't already.I hope not i think it would be horrible for mma fighting.I would luv to see chuck beat silvas ass after he kos tito....

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    as much as i would like to see chuck vs silva it will probably never happen, as long as dana white is involved with the ufc. He has to big of an ego to let a pride fighter fight his poster boy, also pride had a deal with the ufc to send over fighters when the UFC sent chuck to fight in the grand prix in 03 and the backed out after chuck fought.

    Rumor has it that Aleks Elemenko is in negotions with the ufc.

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    pride has better MMA fighter who are light heavyweight and heavyweight..wanderlei silva, fedor, mirko cro-cop, quinton jackson, sakuraba, josh barnett, fujita ( he beat bob sapp), vitor, ortona, mark hu

    chuck does not want to fight wanderlei yet, how stupid..chuck is overrated because american sports are commercially drama based where they create personas and characters and build thm up and once they have been consecutive winning championship bouts they are made to fight an opponent who wins their title an takes over as the next gimmick or prodigy.

    watch youtube videos of fedor and vanderlei

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