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    Couldn't tag up with Karma so I took a trip to my local haunt last week hoping Zoe was in, but greeted by Cathy, who I have seen a few times without much warmth. LG was desperate. She is 5'7", late 20's early 30's(guess), slim, small chest, short blonde hair. L5. She would do better in a naughty librarian role, but talks so much the library would throw her out. She generally has too many restrictions, but I must have pressed the right switch this time, and had an ok time. Quoted $.6 CBJ which was 7 on the scale. I did leave however feeling that I made back some coin previously spent with the extra service I coached out. A6, S6. Repeat?...perhaps only when desperate. Not so sure how busy this lady is with repeats given her track record.

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    thanks for info. I was curious about her. YMMV then

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    I saw her today...She does not do FS..CBJ was ok.. Other comments are bang on the money... $.8 for an hour...$.6 for 1/2 an hour...

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    I have seen her a couple of times...she is a funny lady and really fun to be around.

    I suppose she has a few restrictions..but the price is not so bad ,massage is ok ,the cbj was above average and once I even got a sponge bath.

    I'll be back for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Black

    I suppose she has a few restrictions..but the price is not so bad
    I don't know about that. $180 for a CBJ seems a bit on the high side to me. I've met Cathy as well and she definately rates as only average in the looks department.
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