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Thread: Review - Dana Delight

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    Review - Dana Delight

    Saw this girl last week - she lives up to her namesake - a real delight. You can find her contacts on

    Dana has an incall - beltline neighbourhood - that I was welcomed to (OK - I had been '"pre-screened" on a previous date). So - you already know the answer - would I repeat - YAH!

    I just fine Dana to be open-minded (don't ask - YMMV, of course), very able to keep up with me in the conversation department, and a super-caring / warm person. She is very skilled at oral ("real" oral and enjoys romping thru all the major "food groups" (positions

    She's NOT a 19 year old - and cheerfully admits that in her ad. If you want a real woman for an hour or two in your life - you couldn't do better - see Dana !!!
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    re dana

    Hey, as always attitude and personality ALWAYS win out if you get a good provider. Looks like I'll be giving her a whilr in the next week, so I'll post a follow-up review as well. Thanks for the input.

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    Where is Dana?

    Does anyone know what has happened to Dana Delight? Her ad is no longer on E-C. Is she on holiday or has she relocated (darn! )

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    she is still around

    very busy she has ad's on craig's list now

    email her there

    i had a nice time with her last week

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    Dana ???

    where can I find her?

    Does she have a web site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgeebee
    where can I find her?

    Does she have a web site?
    Found her on Craigslist too. Not young but very accomodating.

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    Pics are about 25 years old. Rushed.

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    Saw her recently, found her to be very accomodating, personable, not rushed. Had a great time.

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