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    Hey guys you gotta help me out here. Im coming to your beutifull town in couple weeks and would love to take in some of your local entertainment. Ive seen some of the web sites and Im really surprized at the prices of these sp's. 180 for a half hour 280 for and hour you guys must be really rolling in the cash.Any way where I come from 120 can get you a all inclusive half hour with a screaming hot sp. So with all that in mind if any one has any suggestions (besides,fuck off and stay in your own town), Id be very gratefull. Signed on a budget

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    Just out of curiousity, where are you from? At those rates I'm thinking I should go out and visit your town!!!

    Those prices you saw are what I consider to be standard in Calgary. If you want cheaper, try finding an independent (unfortunately I can't recommend any as I have only used agencies), or go for less service at a massage parlour.

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