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    When Kelly was new, she used to be one of my favorites. Those times have come and gone.

    She's a medium build, blonde, with a nice pair. For the last few years a pad right in downtown.

    At one time she'd throw in some extra's and we had some really great sessions (no Full service though). I think it was the American tourists, because she upped her rates and changed to a much colder attitude.

    To be fair, it has been a while since a made an appointment. But I call every once in a while and I can tell from talking to her that I won't enjoy my time like once upon a time (on Quadra st.)

    She's not a scammer, pretty decent looks, and does give a nice massage and release.

    I'd give her a low recommendation.... but probly skip her myself....

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    Question Best in Victoria

    Massage Lover, who in Victoria gives the best legitimate massage with a release.

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    i was just wondering

    did kelly used to go by the name trina, share an appartment
    with lucy on quadra?

    i remeber full body massages with some liberal dfk back in the days, just wondering of its the same girl...

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