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Thread: need your input

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    need your input

    fellow pooners,

    i have been curious how all you pooners who are married or are in relationships can keep pooning and yet not break your spouse/partner. i mean, pooning cost quite a bit. unless your wife/girlfriend does not read bank statements, or else they would question where did that $250.00 went all of a sudden (answer: to some hot flexible babe).

    since i am unattached, i wouldn't know. but i anticipate it to be quite a challenge to hide the pooning habit from an intimate partner unless i quit pooning once an for all.



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    Good point!

    How do these gents do it?

    1. They are rich or at least well off...

    2. They own their own company and take the money from petty cash

    3. They have wives with poor money skills

    4. THey have wives that don't care

    5. Or best of all, wives that say pooning is okay, even if Mr. Hubby comes home with crabs...
    Your Friend,


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