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    This was my second time around using J.U.I.C.E. The last time was a year or two ago, and my experience then was not pleasant. I was hoping to avoid using this agency, but it was a Friday and I had difficulties getting in touch with some SPs that were listed in the Edmonton Sun and in See.

    After spending a great deal of time browsing through the voice ads, I decided to respond to one that advertised as young and into mild role-playing. A man answered the call, and I inquired about the fees and services. I also told him about my previous disappointment, and he assured me that all the ladies in his agency were “the best” and that no other agencies can compare to his in terms of price and service. He also said the lady that I previously saw had never worked for him. Okay, rather than not arguing with the man, I took in faith that perhaps the service has indeed changed.

    Half an hour later, a lady showed up. First, she didn’t fit the description that was given to me. Second, the fee was significantly much more, even though the man had said no surprises. At this time, everything in me was telling me to abort, but I decided to proceed after 10 minutes of haggling. There is no point discussing what took place or specifically didn’t occur, but I’ll mention something that was told to me:

    1. The voice ads are not completely true. Some are old. Some ladies are no longer with the agency. This particular SP that I saw was told to use the name Sassy (?), but she normally goes by the name Suki and another one. If I recall from the voice ads, Suki is an oriental, and this lady is definitely not Oriental.

    2. If you check out the print ads, there are a few ads with real pictures. These are supposedly real. (Speaking of which, in See magazine, there is a picture of a lady named Mini. I am almost certain that I saw her performed at Crazy Horse only two days earlier.)

    Well, the whole session was a waste of time and money. There were many annoyances and let downs, but the most annoying thing was that she was constantly on her cell phone – at times conducting “medicinal” businesses. Stupid me for ignoring my gut feelings. Who knows, maybe I'm the only one with the poor experiences using this agency, but I definitely will not use them again.

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    Again Edmonton is not a good place to be when looking for escorts.
    Bobo The Rabbit
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    Bobo, you are very correct. Even trying to find decent MPs is next to impossible. Fortunately, I'm just passing through the city.

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    Theyve lost their license so they wont be around, they may come back as a different name however, just like all the others that have gone by the wayside

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