Well being past 11pm and being too cheep to rent a hotel room just for a hour, I though I would check out the streets. Well I went around down town a bit and saw only 1 street which had 3 ladies, 2 looked nice and the other Rachel looked okay enough (a 5). So I went around another time and the two who looked better were gone by the time I got back. So I picked her up, and this being my first time bothering with the streets, was i ever disapointed. First of all she wanted a INSANE amount for full service, even more then most MPs would charge or right on the amount the BEST MPs charge. Here I am thinking this is wrong (so I dident get FS), first of all I dont get a massage or a shower or a clean room, or anything. Not only that but the streets are the bottom of the bottom, so low its the slums of the buissness.

I am thinking of trying once more, but if the price isent dirt cheep I am just going to dump her back where I picked her up.
What really disgusted me was that she though anyone would acctualy play that much for FS, her HJ price alone was way too much.