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Thread: Off to Toronto

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    Off to Toronto

    Not to say the scene in Vancouver is good, but Toronto ROCKS. I'm off for the better part of Sept and will return with stories. That's if I have any.

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    Dejavu, I am anxious to hear about your trip since I am going there early next year. I have received some great information from Sea Urchin. Please post and/or send me a private message. Thanks!

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    Will do. In fact, I'll be posting in TERB and I'll cross reference in here.


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    Toronto is a wild place for fun...if you get a chance head up to Montreal to check out the action.
    I look forward to hearing your reports

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    Yes I have fallen in love with Toronto. I also have done extensive reports on Victoria on, but now favor Toronto for so many more options besides just great escorts.

    I love the Western 3 strip clubs for great nude $20 laps where I can enjoy doing breast massage etc which usually gets great response.

    But my favorite is all the nude-reverse massage places in Mississauga etc (allowed specifically in bylaws).

    I would avoid City of Toronto unless just for escorts, since bylaws (licensing not criminal) are far more restrictive than in Western areas. I always stay in Mississauga (where airport is), and avoid the traffic, more restrictions and - on my July trip , the garbage strike in City of Toronto.

    I have huge report especially designed for the first time Toronto visitor interested in all these other options besides that great escorts at

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    Thumbs up

    You did a great job on your reviews, Dejavu! Did you visit any strip clubs or MPs? ---Moe

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    in Toronto

    I have been in Toronto for the past couple of weeks now, and I am getting the feeling that things are going a bit downhill.
    My favorite club is going downhill kinda quickly (Locomotion) There are rumors that that it will be closing soon. It may reopen in the same area..but that is yet to be confirmed. They Locomotion has not been activley attracting any real new talent as most of the ladies are going to the other two clubs owned by the same guy (Million Dollar and the Cannonball).

    In my opinion, the best club is now the Cannonball (Dixie Road and Advance Blvd). There are some really gorgeous looking young ladies there now....particularly Sasha (looks sorta like a young Britney Spears)

    I have heard some real good things about a club called Whiskey a Go Go, and I will be checking that out tonight.

    As for the MP....those are still going strong. There is a new place that is beginning to advirtise called Angel wings up near the airport area....will have to check that out as well.

    I will let you all know my findings!

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