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    does anyone have any info re:- puerto gallera in the phillipines or any good info in the entire area? i travel alot to asia , mostly thailand as i have a biz there , but never have been to phil land , i hear it is fantastically crazy . the problem with thailand is the language barrier, nice to talk with one you fuck even if she is like talking to a 10 year old. i want to go there for a extended time ,possibly 3/4 months , golf clubs , and condoms ! any experienced info would be appreciated. thanks.

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    watch your back and the servicemen dont call the ladies their lbfms for nothing

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    I don't know about Thailand & have never had any experiences of what you're looking for in the Philippines, but I'd say it's more concentrated in the "foreigner" areas...the one thing I can't stand is the prospect of some of the women leeching onto you hoping to get visa for marriage...

    There are three types of strip bars there: A/B/C class. A is the high roller and (usually corrupt) businessmen & politicians as well as foreigners, B is the karaoke bars and C is the plain out there strip joints. They'll all ask if you want table service which is basically the ladies will come and drink with you, providing you pay. You then have the option of going into a private room, which can drain your cash. But then again, I went there when I was younger & more cash strapped. From the sounds of yourself, you've got more cash...

    Enjoy but be careful.


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    dittman , that is so true .lol, lbfm , little brown fucking machines.
    and if u give good wallet they swarm u like flies. but this time i'm looking for info for a more kool laid back atmosphere, not a patttaya , angles city scene, i have some serious work to do which i can do on my laptop on a beach. looking for a beach bungalow, with a/c & amenities close by.

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    Just go to the north or the south into the "countryside" or the "province"...stay away from Boracay & the main traps like Angeles City (never been there & don't want to) or Ermita (another tourist trap for foreigners & those "sex tours" with underage girls, yuck)...

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    thanks all for the info , seems there is mucho spinnner action everywhere , now to find the golf and beach bungalow?

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