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Thread: Suggestions for Review

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    Suggestions for Review

    Hey all

    Instead of creating new topics on reviews of specific people, can we all do a search and just tag to the end of that topic. Granted some of the reviews are old and maybe we need to tag a year for them as well.

    Just a suggestion


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    good idea.. keep all the info in one place!!

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    With some exceptions i disagree agent_smith.

    First... threads have a nasty way of turning into something other than the review it started out as. For example a review of XXX pornstar then morphs into aunt Matilda better baking secrets. I think to add to a thread like this, a new review of the same SP would be lost.

    Second...and the most important reason. The software used here Vbulletin has a pruning feature that, depending on the settings (posting date) will automatically delete old threads. So if you were to continue posting to an old thread it would eventually be deleted along with all the new reviews that have been added to it.

    Its better to start a new thread on a SP,

    "UNLESS" the thread is quite new,

    and its not cluttered with useless posts. My 2cents. --- Kev

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    I kinda prefer the "one thread per SP" thing myself, so I make it a point to search an older topic. It's also why I never really read IceG's reviews because I didn't want to search through his 5 page thread.

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    Well part of the reason I suggested it is also because, YMMV with sp so if you get a thread containing the review instead of picking the first one and going with it. Granted some people, like IceG has multi reviews on one thread.

    It's all a suggestion anyways, I'll try and keep to it and whoever wants to can.


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