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Thread: Perb Addict?

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    Perb Addict?

    Ever since I started pooning, I've spent way too much time on this board searching through posts. Perb provides such a wealth of information as well as sharing intimate moments with fellow Perberts. At times, reading all this information can be overwhelming and intellectually satisfying. Some experiences are so well documented, so much so, that it transcends the web page transfixing the experience into your own mind. During my short time on this board, Iíve eagerly posted many times and waited for a response to my posts, checking back on Perb quiet often. I can see a lot of wasted time spend by me being on perb and see why I canít get anything constructive done. Does anyone else feel this way?

    Maybe some time-out can help re-focus the mind.

    Life is a sexually transmitted disease

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    Was thinking the same thing myself


    You must of been reading my mind. I have virtually the same number of posts and feel that I'm checking the board way to often. I must say that the info and reviews have saved me from having a bad experience and has caused me to have some pretty good experiences.

    I know just when I get ready to quit that my status will change from 'junior member' to 'member'. Then all I'll want is some sort of cool handle like the Hamster has and I won't be able to stop 'till I get one.


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    Not enough.

    How can you possibly have too much perb? Unless you're not getting enough sex?

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    *stands up*

    my name is Makuro, and I have a problem...

    I'm addicted to sex, perb and porn, not necessarily in that order!

    I suppose we can always start PA, perberts anonymous.

    vancouverman: as a side point, really? You've NEVER had sooo much sex that you just wanted a little break? *shrugs* in my mind there usually is a limit (I'm sure it's different for various individuals) of what one wants, and when that's reached, you just get bored of the usual stuff. Too much of ANYTHING is usually a bad thing. That being said, I have NO idea where the hell that limit is for me, I've never had that fortunate 'problem'. :P

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