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Thread: New Respect for SP's and Others

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    New Respect for SP's and Others

    Ok oberon just got back from a bit of travelling (you missed me right?) and on this trip I decided to do a bit of people watching. The result of this is I found the old saying is true, the more people I know the more I like my cat. Man people are just plain rude, inconsiderate and self absorbed.... I started taking note of what I deem to be rude behaviour and found I was taking note of a lot of behaviour..

    Give you a new respect for people in the service industry (SP's included)

    Trying to be a little nicer

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    rude people

    Uh, what rude place did you travel to? New York?

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    rude people

    Rude people? Where were you traveling, New York?

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    yeah...I can say that before and after 9/11, there was a definite difference in how people treat others.

    Now, Vancouver is a rude place...

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