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Thread: EI Sitara

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    EI Sitara

    Came across this ad in B/S:
    Busty, beautiful, sweet & sensuous. Openminded & lots of fun. Come experience an exciting encounter with this friendly. 24 yr old. For a private, nonrushed relaxation call this sexy playmate. Very clean & discreet. 1pm-7pm, call SITARA at 604-930-2230.

    Is she new or a recycled name?

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    Priya or Sitara?

    Also saw this in B/S under "ESCORTS":
    & Her Playmates
    All Hot, Exotic, Erotic, Hypnotic Playmates. Your pleasure is our business! Openminded, nonrushed, time-honoured & sensual Girlfriend experience. 24/7. Duos, stags, fetishes. Surrey: 604-710-0134. Outcall & Dinner Dates available upon request. Ask for my F.F. plan.

    Why the dual identities, with different tel #s?

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    hey Squirrel

    are you postive it is Priya ? If so how , did you go and see her ??

    still the same service ???

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    Sonya not Priya!

    LA: I may solved the puzzle; Squirrel did not see Priya but it was Sonya (actually there are two Sonya with different spellings). The one I am referring to has a sister, skinnier and prettier but has a few restrictions. I have seen them both and agree the little sis wasn't bad. In fact, I saw Priya at the same place in Surrey (Sonja was the madame of the place). I like LA also have had good GFE sessions with Priya.
    Stay away from Sonya or Sonja (all ROB's)! My $0.02.

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    Sounds like Sonya's MO

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    Glad to help out!

    LA and Squirrel: Glad to help out the misunderstanding between you two. It had to take the Doc aka footloose (from 1000 miles away) to figure that one out!

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    ok guys, seeing her tonight, will have detials i can for sure say it is not sonya ( to polite on the phone and she is talking with weak accent). She says she is half East Indian. If this rings any bells , please stop my trip tonight. Will post details here tommorrow

    I just hope it is not SIMI recylced, the measurements good very close.

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    Uhhhhh Kev just perked up. Did i here....

    MS.BACARCI is in the house?
    Did she show her face with out calling me? Dammm thats cold.

    We have Squirrel, Pacemaker, Little Alex and myself (Kev) a date with Ms. Bacardi in September.

    Are there any others who wish to join us? --- Kev

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    Who is Ms. Bacardi (forgive me that I did not understand )

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