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Thread: Hong Kong and Australia

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    Hong Kong and Australia

    Is there one of these forums in Hong Kong or can someone tell me where to look for SPs while there? Anyone have any good experience? My tastes are more along the lines of Tawny, Taylor, Angelina, Kaylee.

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    While In HK there are several places. SP's I can't help you with. These are your options:

    1) Take the hydrofoil to Macau for about 45 minutes (no visa is needed for this former Portugese colony) and travel some of the sites. Check out the famous Hotel Lisboa where you can gamble and make some money. The girls can be found around the outer parts of the casino. Some places you can get two girls for $160 canuck for 1 hour. however try booking a short stay at a hotel, there will be a phonebook sized directory that contains photos of the various girls the hotel can get for your company for the night.

    2) Take a hydrofoil to Mainland China and travel to some of the provinces near HK (A visa is needed to enter, you can obtain one from home or try the Canadian consulate). Girls there are very accomodating and inexpensive.

    3) Kareoke bars in some places of HK have places where you can have access straight in the booth. It's not my recommendation since many guys say that the girls are not clean.

    4) Massage Parlours can be found in various places, you will be able to identify them from the yellow neon sign that may have some tassels hung below. The yellow sign will display a HK Dollar amount. Most trips there are about 45 miutes where there is a romm with a bed and a shower (with lots of toilet paper for the girl to dry your body after she licks you off).

    5) The Red Light district - most of the girls there are the girls that no longer work at the clubs because they are too old to be considered pretty.

    6) Lan Gwai Fong - located in Hong Kong Island it is an area that is like Bourbon Street fame. Lots of bars and lots of regular people where you might just use your skills to get lucky.

    7) Web Sites - try some info
    Blah :-)

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