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    Question Yasmine of Local Escorts

    Has anyone tried Yasmine from Local Escorts (EI, 5' 1", 604-727-0640). I did a search but it did not reveal any reviews of her service. She has my favourite attributes (petite and busty), if her pictures are accurate.

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    I called her, she said her place was indy, 150 topless hj and 200 for oral, only single shot. GOOD LUCK Missy. That is a little steep for some lollipop action. I'll keep looking

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    The site says 225 for FS.... I may have to TOFTT. or just try paige....

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    There are some other pics on eros where she doesnt look that petite ... but let me know how it goes

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    You're referring to Jasmine with the pictures on Eros ... she's from Surrey and judging by the pics she's not petite. Yasmine is the one with pictures on Localescorts and she's from Kits.

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    Yes, I have tried Yasmine. I called asked if it was 250 she said yes. came over and gave me a really great massage semi clothed; then did a HJ. I asked if I could FS her she said that was another 5 browns. I paid it and got three positions and she finished me with a HJ again. For that kind of $$$ I will look else where next time. I will also ask if it was FS, I didn't ask if it was FS over the phone my mistake I guess.

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    Wow...$750 for FS? That's a little far-out...sounds like it wasn't worth it...

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    Hmm...I think carrying that amount of cash around prevents one from doing the math while the little brain is thinking for the big brain. I cannot recall the last time I had that amount of cash in my wallet. I assume that one carries that amout of cash on the off chance a foursome (not golfing) is spontaneoulsy offered and one does not want to miss out.

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