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Thread: Safety beyond condoms

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    Safety beyond condoms

    Besides the obvious wearing of a condom for protection, are there other additional ways to protect from Herpes, condylomata (warts), and other organisms spread by contact??

    Do a lot of individuals on both sides of this profession commonly acquire these things?

    Does washing with Hiblicans help.?. How soon after contact must you wash if this helps??

    Any informed replies would be most welcome... Thank you...

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    I keep hearing...

    Health care is free in Canada. The only informed opinions on this subject to which you can attach creedence would come from a medical doctor. You seem like a well studied individual. Why would you not consult a doctor rather than rely on the advice of anonymous unqualified sources in a forum like this? Do you think that an MD would qualify himself here by identifying himself?

    Mi nombre en ingles es "Good Sam". Soy un Americano de California.

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