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Thread: Well this is it...

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    Well this is it...

    ..... My time to go has arrived. I told most people on this board I would be moving to Trinidad. I leave Monday for Toronto, Then Tuesday I fly to Trinidad. I am not quiting the hobby or posting just changing local. As well I will post but only ocassionally from Internet cafe. I will sample the local hobby down there. They even have brothels in Trinidad. Thanks goes out to all the hobbiest and SP's who made this a fun diversion. Take care and I hope to be back soon.

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    Cheers, freaky...

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    Permanent move?

    Is this a permanent move? I thought some of the neighbouring countries were better as tax havens?

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    Good luck! Most importantly, have fun and get the most out of it that you can. Some people never get the chance to leave their home town, so live it to the limit! Whenever you feel homesick just drop us a line ...

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    Hey Chef

    Good luck down there. I'm pretty sure if you scout for us some of us might end up down there for a visit.


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