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Thread: Ever forget to pay the sp

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    Ever forget to pay the sp

    I was at fantasy one nite in march ,we where having such a good time it just slipped both of our minds. Nikki and me.
    I was half way down 50th and it dawned on me. i made a u turn and went back and made it rite.I could have keeped goin,but Nikki
    is a nice girl couldn't do that to her. She was glade to see me.She said she knew i was cumming back.

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    In my own imagination!!

    More than once...

    ... with my regular girls, we will have such a great time. She often walks out before either of us realizes that she dose not have the money. I have always phoned or ran after her to get her the money. You know it is a GFE when she has so much fun that money is the last thing on her mind.

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    yeah, I forgot to pay once with a regular sp. I felt really bad once I realized it, even thou she said not to worry, she knew I was good for it. It was nice that she trusted me, but I still prefer to take care of business on time.

    One thing I know that I can't stand is an a-hole that intentionally doesn't pay. Word of warning to any readers that might try this, if I'm going into an mp and a guy runs past me with an sp chasing him because he skipped payment, should remember this one thing: pay the cash, cause if I catch you, you will get bashed!!

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    "A crook tried to rob a massage parlor today, but was caught by a male customer in a towel and a lingerie-clad female attendant. The grateful staff of the massage parlor gave the heroic client a free session. And now here's the weather forecast."

    Anyway.....I make it a point to count my chedda before I step out of my car and walk into an MP. Not just to make sure I have enough, but to give myself a subconscious reminder to pay for services rendered.

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