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    Hey fellow perbs, just wondering if anyone else has noticed that there seems to be more "watching" in front of MP's lately. Last week I was going to visit Prestige and noticed a truck parked accross the street with someone in it. When I came out, he was still there and looked to be looking and writing things down. Last night, same thing outside of Eurospa. I'm not usually spooked that easily, but I'm feeling a little bit uneasy as to whats going on. Is 5-0 up to something or am I just paronoid?

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    I noticed the same thing at Eurospa yesterday, guy in a truck parked middel of the lot facing the entrance. Made me a little uneasy too..

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    hey acc, if it was a green truck, that was me watching the guy in the grey car that was watching the joint.

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    Nobody's breaking the law by walking into an MP, so I doubt it's a cop. Maybe the guy is a journalist who is writing an article on MPs and the clientele. Or maybe he's just one of us PERBerts writing a review!

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    yeah goesks, it is kinda funny when you think about it. sorry about freaking you out acc. heh, any of you guys out there the one that was freaking me out????? j/k

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    Well I wasn't so freaked out but a little curious. About what time was this going down at bbb?

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    about 5

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    i have heard of wives hiring p.i's to catch husbands they think are cheating. Maybe they were looking for someone "special" going in the place.

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