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    Ok guys another story of thinking with the wrong head.

    Saw her this weekend. She seems to be employed at various MP's.
    She somewhat remembered me and I totally remember her from a past experience at MYSTIC a few years back. I should have ran then.

    She had a kid, so stretch marks a plenty. She is very pretty. Would not ride da dawg, or let me play/lick anywhere. Said licks cost more ???? Ya I know. She did wear boots for me as I like that. Was rather loud as I proceeded. Not cause I was good or anything , just loud.

    I would definately not see her again as I am a guy with simple needs. I like the girls to enjoy our time together, whether chatting or the buisness part...either way show some genuine interest.

    Anyway for what I paid I guess I can't complain. Da dawg is sad and may have to visit a quality SP soon...

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    Ya know I can't say. I looked at pics and although SHE assured me that she was only one using that name, I cannot tell. I would not want to disparage a girls good name without having seen her. Also I do not want to venture there and see so guess we are both SOL!! Sorry bro...

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    Hey Friskie,

    From the description I'd say yes this is the one and the same.

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