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Thread: bachelor party ideas

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    bachelor party ideas

    Hey all,

    been lurking around for awhile, but really needed the help of some hobbyists.

    I have been to MPs off and on for the past 2 years, spent most of the time with Faith at SC, but have also done some time at XTC, Cloud Nine, and more recently Penthouse (Krissy). It leaves me to conclude that Faith is still awesome, but after many sessions that always seem to be the same, I may stick it out with Penthouse for my next me if you want a review...

    Anyways, I'm helping to plan a stag for a very good friend. But I don't want to do the usual strip club thing. I was thinking about renting those "truck" limos and possibly getting a gal or two in there for a couple of hours to party with a few guys. Nothing to explicit, just some clean naked fun. Anyone have any suggestions, comments or any ideas? I want to make sure the gals are personable and good looking...maybe I ask for too much, but this will be his last good party before he gets married...


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    Or you could call a few limo companies.

    I know of one that offers these services. Have their own girl too!!

    PM me for details...

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    There is an escort in town that advertises such a service. Blonde with large fake ta tas. She's got a website also, I'll see if I can pull it up.

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    Thanks for the help.

    Goesks, I never thought of it that way, it would make sense with what dirty and jim have said. If the limo comp or SP have this already offered, then the trust/safety issue would be lessened.

    Anyone have a bachelor party at Chez Pierre's?

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    pm me, i got some suggestion for you........

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