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Thread: Unbelievable Pricing

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    Unbelievable Pricing

    Anyone want to TOFTT and try her for a week?

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    hells no. There's better quality and waaaaaay better prices with our home grown girls

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    yeah right, with that kind of money, you can buy a mistress in Hong Kong for a few months, or China for a few years!!!!!!

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    Say like "what"? The prices for "fly me to you?" IMHO, that's outrageous!

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    she must have two vaginas to be worth that much!

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    "Tips aren't required but they are greatly appreciated" .
    I can't believe she even mentioned being tipped.
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    Holy Crap!!

    I don't know how she can make buisness with these rates. Unless she has high profile clients but most unlikely. Even if her menu included an "all you can eat buffet" she still wouldn't be worth it. Although with local rates steadily increasing, we may see these prices in the future! Dear god NOOOOO!!! That's when i'll be forced to retire from pooning.
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    What might be scary is that somebody does pay for it. It's almost as bad as pro sports sometimes.

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    Yes, but I think it's in Austrialian $ so ~ $5100 Can which is better than $5000 US

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    My mistake, thats per hour, ouchhhhhh.

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    In my own imagination!!

    Holy crap....

    .... Up to 45000 $ for a weekend with a playboy bunny. Who in there right mind pays this kinda fee? Donald Trump. Even billionares wouldn't cause with millions you could pull any gorgeous money hungry babe you wanted without doing that. To be blunt 10 dollar pussy is the same as 1000 pussy. What is it dipped in gold??

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    I was excited to see Ginger Lynn listed as available. While not the most beautiful woman in porn, I found her to be the most enthusiastic. BUT 5500 USD ?? Why not make it an even 6000 so you can cite a $100 per minute rate?

    Such people must remain a fantasy

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    Re the Mona Lisa Models link above...

    Something rather fishy about parts of that one... They have an escort in the "ultimate" section for 3,000-6,000, and the name listed is Melissa Foxx. However, if you go to the page

    And take a look at Melissa Foxx, you'll see that the pic given on the page is the exact same pic that the model Nicole Neumann has on several sites such as the one below

    In particularly this one...
    And now compare...

    From looking closely, I'd say that the Melissa Foxx pics, even though somewhat blurred, look like a model other than Nicole Neumann. Makes you wonder what else is unethical there...

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    Ohh yeah... And if you think that's pricey, check this one out... Makes the Mona Lisa one look low ball if you could believe...


    I think even the very rich and famous would flinch at some of these rates...

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