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Thread: Weekend SW Report

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    Weekend SW Report

    Yeah right ! ..... where the heck did they all go ??

    One cute blond on Gov't .... seemed like she would get picked up within a minute !

    Rock Bay, Gorge Rd ..... total dead zone ... sheesh.
    Sorry, I don't pay extra!

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    Thats not a report ...thats a lame-o complaint.

    here's a goddamn report.

    For the best wet and sloppy blowjob, find Julie ( small thin, long dark haired caucasian, 24 yrs Pembroke and Gov.)

    Puts every self proclaimed cocksuckstress to shame with her slathering, drooling, hands-behind-the-back corn-on-the-cob, creamsicle suck-feast. (Bwhaha - did ya get a visual?)

    The best - bar none..

    your field reporter - HD

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    Sometimes you are really a bastard !!

    nice visual ... bwhahaha!

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    Summer 2003

    It's been dead all summer. There must be another location. What happened to the SW behind the ford dealer? Is there anything on Cook or Quadra?

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    I was out cruisen tonight and saw flashing lights on two different occasions on the Rock so I stayed away. Not much on Goverenment, saw a ver pretty one on the Gorge, but was gone on my second passing. I guess the early bird gets the worm, but I had a feeling she was a mole not a worm.

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