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    Question Top 3

    Who are your top 3 mp's in Calgary?
    Looks and service are what, I am looking for.
    Hee are my Top 3.
    !: Pam at Blue Topaz. Good looking blonde, with unbelievable service. Very good massage.
    2: Sam at Yelena. Great looking blonde, big breasts, full service and an average massage.
    3: Chelsea at Pamper Yourself. Cute little blonde, enhanced breasts, full service and average massage.
    Post your top 3. I am looking for a new mp to see, Thanks!

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    I agree with two of your top three. Sam at Club Yelena is my number one. The next two are at Pamper Yourself. Chelsea is second and Meagan is third. I have seen Pam at Topaz and found her too over the top and her attitude as the best in the city got tiring after awhile.

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    top 3

    Doc, thanks for the reply.
    Where does Megan work? Can you give us a description of her and the services she may provide.
    Thanks again.

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    sam at yelana is by far the best and oh so tight...great body..if you haven't been, you need to.

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    I agree 100 %... # 1 Sam, then following close Bailey and Paris and their all in one spot .

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    Cool Pamela, Chelsea and Sam

    I have seen all three over the last 2 years with a variable frequency. Here are my reviews in no particular order.

    Pamela- Probably the best, the city has to offer after Kelly of CY left, I have not seen her post op, but the highest mileage, last time I was there she made Mr Happy very happy without a party hat. Great silky smooth body, great tits, playful, great massage, good looking and ultimate GFE experience, atleast with me. We got into the shower a few times and she rubbing her body all over me it was great. Full menu has been ordered a couple of times and it was unbelievable. I am getting a hard on just thinking about it. Although, sometimes her attitude about being the best can get a bit jaded.

    Chelsea- A pretty, blonde, petite young thing with C cup wonderful titties. I have seen her quite a few times, full menu except DATY. She is getting better and better with time, however no comparison to Pamela on enthusiasm. Great petite, tones body and a really sexy bum on this little play toy. Last time I was there, got into the tub and we played a lot and went over-time. She said no problem and we continued on. She is great to talk and spend some time with. The main act was as many positions as I wanted, but she closes her eyes and just smiles, not a very active participant. Other than that a class act !!

    Samantha- A ultimate, sexy blonde vision, with a very pretty face, the best tits (manmade but soft) and a great ass and legs. But very temperamental, somedays she is in the best of moods but other days ice queen and restricted. Full menu some days depending on her mood, other days just NR. She is good looking and knows and you pay for eye candy !!!.

    However she is really a PSE on good days, getting really wet and raunchy. If you want a blonde, bimbo type who has attitude she is the one !!!

    God I miss Kelly from CY, she was the best and combined the best of above three for me.

    Like to get some more detailed reviews from you guys especially for Sam and Pam.

    Long John are you reading ??


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    Top 3

    Kamacat, yes I am here.
    Great reviews, I d'ont think there is anything I can add.
    Sam is good, Pam is better, but Kelli was the best!

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